Big Six Wheel

In our childhood and even now, we all get excited just by hearing the name “wheel of fortune,” this is another name for the game called “Big six wheel.”

Big six wheel is a casino game that got famous in the United States after few reality game shows, but this is one of the non-popular games in the world of gambling.

Hence casino owners targeted the new visitors to play this game, so they placed this machine near the entrance to attract them.

But why is this game not played by many? Is the gameplay very difficult?

Let us know the answer to these questions by knowing the basics of the game.


Like its name, it has a big humongous wheel that has 54 slots which are separated into 6 slots per segment. In this, 52 slots consist of numbers between “1-6,” and 2 slots have any symbol considered a joker. On the top of the machine, vertical rubber or leather pointer creates the friction for the wheel to halt.

The player will be provided with chips worth $1, $5, $10, $20, and $50 according to his/her choice.

Betting Procedure

Before the wheel is spun, the player should bet on any number that is displayed on the slot using the chips given. The player has no limit for betting the chips on a particular number, and the payouts will depend on the value and number of chips that are being placed.

Example: $10 is 10 to 1; that is, you place $1 chip on 10 spaces; if you win, you get $10. But if you place a $2 chip on 10 spaces, you get double the price.

 Winning Shot

Once the wheel is spun after the betting, the rubber pointer slows down to stop the wheel. When the wheel stops, the slot that the pointer points at is the winning number; if the bet matches the number, then the player wins.

Why is the Game Unpopular?

Many professionals say that they wouldn’t be caught dead playing this game because this game doesn’t involve any strategy as it is a game of luck.

Another major reason is that this game has a high house edge, and even the casino owner says that a person who plays this game is named as a goldmine by them.

Tips to Win

Betting on the number 1 can make the chances of winning high because this number is present in 24 slots, but the payout will not be high, but this trick works.

If you are playing this game out of eagerness, it is always recommended to bet with $1 chip per play because it will not cause a big loss.

Hope you got an idea about the big six wheels; now, make your choice wisely.

Omaha Poker Guide for Beginners

If you heard of gambling, you would have listened to crazy poker stories, where people win and lose millions of dollars. And one such game is the “Omaha poker,” which was derived from Texas hold’em. 

This fascinating game is played similar to hold’em but with little changes in the rules of hand arrangements. This Omaha game is played in three different ways, making in a total of three different types of Omaha poker.

They are as follows:

Omaha Pot Limit: In this game, the player can place a bet equal to the bet inside the pot.

Example: Player bets $150 in the $150 pot.

Omaha with Limits: In this game, there is a specific limit for the betting in each round of the game, which cannot be exceeded.

Omaha with No Limits: Here, there is no limit fixed for betting, which means the player can bet any amount of bet in each round till his/ her money chips are over.

Along with the gameplay methods, several myths are spreading among people regarding these games. Since poker is a very popular game, people try to find tricks and tips to win over the jackpot money. In this search, people tend to spread rumors and fake theories that can confuse beginners.

Some of the myths are as follows:

Omaha is a Twisted Game:

This game is believed to be very complicated and confusing for people. But the fact is that Omaha poker is a straightforward game that gives a good amount of chances for winning.

Since it is an “on table” game, no twists can be made by the owners; even the players cannot pull out any tricks.

Never Raise Before Flop:

This belief is not so logical because the Omaha poker starts with starting hand, and that occurs before the round called “flop.” In the major rules, you have the option to raise in the first round itself, so it will be fine to raise before the flop.

Don’t Raise with Low:

This myth will lead the player to lose because one should raise with low by risking some amount of money to win. Gambling is a game of risk, and without experiencing small risks, one cannot have the cup of success.

Aces Will Pull Your Legs:

Every win depends upon the rank of hands that we are holding; if we have an ace in a random rank, then it will make us lose for sure. But, if we have an ace in a higher ranking hand, then we can win.

So ignore the myths and follow the right strategies to win.


Nothing can take over the popularity of card games, and one among them is “Poker.” Poker has many varieties like Omaha hi, seven-card stud, five-card draw, Omaha hi-lo, etc.

One of the most popularly played poker games is “Texas Hold’em,” which is played by two or more players trying to form the height ranking cards.

In this game, the player with the highest rank of cards wins over the others. The ranking is the most important part of this game which determines the winner. 

Ranking the card is known as the Hand-ranking, which has 10 categories under it, and they are mentioned below from the lowest rank to the highest.

High card: This is the lowest rank of cards; all the five cards in this hand are different. This hand contains zero pairs, and all the cards belong to a different suit.

One Pair: This set contains one pair of cards belonging to the same rank and three other cards of different ranks.

Example: Two cards with number 4 of heart and diamond and other three cards with different numbers.

Two Pairs: In this set, there are two pairs of cards belonging to the same ranks respectively and one different card.

Example: Two King sign cards of spade and heart, two cards with number 4 of heart and spade, and one card with number 2 on it.

Three of a kind: Here, three cards are belonging to the same rank and two other cards from different ranks.

Example: Three cards that say, Queen, one card with the number 5 of diamond and another card with number 8 of heart.

Straight: This contains 5 sequential cards but from different suits

Example: 4 of heart, 5 of diamond, 6 of spade, 7 of clover, and 8 of heart.

Flush: This set contains different cards belonging to the same suit.

Example: Cards like, 2,4,7,9 and K of the spade.

Full House: This set is a combination of three of a kind and one pair. That is, it contains three cards from the same rank and two cards from another rank.

Example: Three cards with number 7 of heart, spade, and clover and two cards with sign Q of diamond and spade.

Four of a Kind: Here, four cards are belonging to the same rank and one different card.

Example: Card “A” of heart, spade, clover, and diamond and card with number 2.

Straight Flush: The hand has 5 sequential cards from the same suit.

Example: 5,6,7,8 and 9 of clover.

Royal Flush: This is also known as five of hands, where all the high-value cards are sequential from the same suit.

Example: A, K, Q, J, 10 from a spade or all cards of “A” and one joker card.



Pachinko is a game of gambling which is particularly popular in Japan. Looks-wise, it is more like the Western Pinball game. In the game, you sit in front of a Pinball-like machine, and you release a ball inside the machine. Now, where this ball stops in the machine determines which things you win or if you win any money or you don’t win anything at all.

Knowing the origin, the word Pachinko refers to the sound “Pachin,” which the machine makes, and “Ko” refers to small. The game has been in popularity in Japan since 1953; however, it is not very much known outside of the country.

The Pachinko machines are set in an arcade, and there are various rows in which multiple Pachinko machines are placed. Hence many players can play the game at a time on their machines.

Pachinko is also one reason why Japan’s streets look so bright, colorful, and cheering with the sound accompanying the game.

The Mechanism of Pachinko

To start the play, the player sits in front of the Pachinko machine. He rents some small steel balls to target the particular places inside the machine. The player loads these balls into the machine. He then shoots the balls by pressing a lever given, which releases the hammer.

This hammer then pushes the ball in a metal track where the ball gradually slows down and falls in a place. There are several small cups inside the machine holding a gift or money. When the ball drops in any of these cups, the player wins that particular gift.

This is the basic idea of how Pachinko works.

Pachinko and the Slot Machine

Many players compare the game with slot machines. However, it is not exactly like a slot machine. It can be said that Pachinko holds some similarities to the slot machine but not all. For example, in Pachinko, the player holds the lever to push the balls further. So here, the player controls the force when he releases the lever, which further decides the velocity of the ball.

Slots are more luck-based, whereas Pachinko depends on your manner of using the lever. Your force decides where the ball will end up and which means you have control of the game in some amount.

These days, Pachinko is available online, where the website mimics the look of the machine. However, it doesn’t give the same satisfaction; an online game doesn’t need you to go to Japan particularly to play your game.