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'Think For Yourself' School Project

May 2007

Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art ran an education project with two groups of pupils from Oxclose Community and Southwick Primary Schools.

Pupils worked closely with regional artist Ben Jones to explore the work of Ruth Ewan, in particular focusing on her NGCA exhibition, 'Ours is the world, despite all.'

The pupils made line drawings of the Plebs League poster, 'Don't be a Robot, think for yourself' which formed part of the work in the main gallery. They were then asked to produce their own ideas for posters in the same style, which would be based on political and social issues that were of interest to them.

Their posters were created using Photoshop, the pupils scanned newspaper images, traced over to create line drawings and added slogans. These were exhibited during the preview of the Ruth Ewan exhibition which was attended by pupils, parents and teachers.

 dont be a robot