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'Painting With Light'

An art project with Sunderland Schools
Project dates: 17 March - 5 April 2006
Special Screening: Wednesday 5 April 6:30 - 7:30pm

On Wednesday 5 April there was a special screening of 'Painting with Light' which represented the culmination of a 4 -week collaborative schools project. 12 students from Biddick, Hetton and Southmoor schools were invited to produce a four-screen installation inspired by the use of digital media in contemporary Art.

The project focused on the projected image and included visits to galleries in Sunderland showing projected images both as part of their regular programme and as part of AV Fest 06. During the four weeks the students worked closely with the Centre Manager at the City Learning Centre, Southmoor School, developing filming techniques and film and sound editing software skills. 

Each school group produced their own 4 screen film piece which were screened consecutively at Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art on Wednesday 5th April to an invited audience of parents, friends and teachers.  This offered an opportunity for both those involved and the general public to see this new work in a gallery context.


'Painting with Light' project

please click play button to view.

Read transcipt for: Southmoor School, 'Love Life, Live Life',  2006

Student Statements

Hetton School

'Erosion' 2006

Four Year 10 GCSE Art pupils from Hetton School, along with four from Southmoor and four from Biddick, were invited to attend the three 'Painting with Light' sessions at Southmoor City Learning Centre to produce a projected artwork.
Each group of pupils came up with their own ideas for a creative response to the challenge that was set.  Hetton looked at the passage of time and tried out lots of ideas such as melting ice and decomposition.  It was agreed however, that they would base their creative response on local coastal erosion.  Video footage of local cliff faces, eroded rocks, pebbles and sand formed the foundation for their response.  This footage was enhanced using digital manipulation techniques to produce their final creative response.

Sharna, Adam,
Willow and Elliot.

video montage 1
'Erosion' 2006
Four screen video installation, sound
Running time: 2.00 minute, continuous loop

Biddick School

'The Four Elements' 2006
Four screen video installation, sound
Running time: 2.00 minutes, continuous loop

We four are following a GCSE course at Biddick School which uses digital technology as the outcome. We decided to do the four elements, Earth, Wind, Fire, Water.

We knew that this activity had to be displayed through four split screens. Shaun chose Wind, " I found lots of ready made clips which gave me time to be creative ". Andrew chose Fire, " I like the way fire destroys, it dances and flickers and looks really interesting ". Michael chose Earth, " I used the internet for the clips to make it more interesting as I would then have access to a wider range of images " Ross chose " Water ", " I like the way that water travels and makes connections around the world, I looked at the cycle of water " We enjoyed working with people from other schools. We really enjoyed using Adobe Premiere, it was a new experience which we can also take back as a new skill to our own school. We feel really proud that our work will be showcased in an art gallery, especially seeing what our parents think of it. In the future we will look back and this and see it is an important step in our digital knowledge.

Michael, Shaun,
Andy and Ross

video montage 2
'The Four Elements' 2006
Four screen video installation, sound
Running time: 2.00 minutes, continuous loop

Southmoor School

'Love Life, Live Life' 2006

These four Southmoor pupils are currently GCSE students studying art at Southmoor Community School Mathematics and Computing College and Bede Sixth Form Academy. Their interest in art has led them to take part in athe 'Painting with Light' event.
Love Life, Live Life is a piece that shows four stages of life shown in silence, with a voice over of narration which is a reading of Shakespeare's 'The Seven Ages of Man', which was broken down into four phases and read by different people, to emphasise the four views produced. Each screen shows a different stage, with footage that the artists have either recorded or taken from past recordings, and pieced together to show the perspective of an onlooker of each stage of life. Each screen gradually fading to black with the traces of the monitor still moving represents parts of life that can't be forgotten as a new stage begins, the monitor showing that there was still life at that present time, it also shows that life continues to begin.

Peter, Emma, Helen
and Rachel.

video montage 3
'Love Life, Live Life' 2006
Four screen video installation, sound
Running time: 2.00 minutes, continuous loop

Many thanks to Mark Lloyd, Staff at the CLC, Mr Milne and the City of Sunderland Library staff for all there help, none of this would have been possible with out them.