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Watch This Space 5

Watch This Space 5
September - December 2008

Watch This Space is a programme managed by Engage, The National Association for Gallery Education.
It is a funded professional development programme for galleries, teachers and gallery educators, to enable them to gain first hand experience of each other's work, in order to initiate, build and sustain relationships.

Watch this Space places teachers from non-visiting schools in galleries.  By getting to know the gallery, its education programme and the opportunities for partnership working, the teachers and galleries are supported to organise student visits and build long term relationships.

Between September and December 2008, NGCA hosted placements for teachers from Sunderland City Learning Centres at Southmoor and St Roberts Secondary Schools during the Autumn term.

During the placements the teachers brought pupils studying for the Level 1 Creative and Media Diploma to engage with the NGCA.  The pupils visited 2 exhibitions, met gallery staff and took part in an activity to open up ideas around 'what is art?' 

An exhibition by Creative & Media Diploma students from Hetton, Houghton Kepier and Hylton Red House Secondary Schools

12 February - 21 February 2009

Following visits and workshops at the NGCA, Creative & Media Diploma pupils developed work for their own exhibition entitled, 'Contagion'. 

The exhibition was held in the NGCA Project Space from 12th - 21st February 2009.  The pupils, from Hetton, Houghton Kepier and Hylton Red House Schools, were invited to create a series of 1 minute films using stop-motion animation.  Nine films were produced which use various ideas and approaches to explore how we are manipulated into spreading product information by viral marketing.

In simple terms it has become known as "viral" because it allows a message to spread like a virus.  Viral marketing includes icons, melodies, fashion statements and phrases.

They also explored the concept of memes.  Memes are ideas passed on, often unconsciously, from one person to another.  Like a sort of mental Mexican wave.  Have you often found yourself doing or saying something without remembering when or where it came from?  If you have then you may have been infected by a meme.


Creative and Media Diploma pupils
Visit the NGCA for the first time

The making of one of the animated
films in the exhibition 'Contagion.'

Stills from the 1 minute animations created
the 'Contagion' exhibition, Feb 2009.