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Giuseppe Davies: ‘Vie’

Exhibition dates: 22 January - 3 April 2010
Preview: Friday 22 January 2010


Giuseppe Davies' interactive installation 'Vie' is a ambient artwork which choreographs both colour and sound. Davies invites us to immerse ourselves into a symphony of abstract colour that we help to create. 'Vie' is an environment of moving light and colour which responds to both our actions and even to our choice of clothes. The work registers the colours we wear, which affects the spectrum that appear on screen. It also uses infra-red sensors to allow us to control the ebb and flow of light: as we move our hands across a projection screen, we effect the direction of light, creating drops and ripples of colour that spill across the wall. Davies' digital artworks are meditative environments in which we are able to explore unfamiliar spaces in a playful and intuitive way. Giuseppe Davies is based in North-East England.

'Vie' exhibited as part of the festival 'SHINE: Urban Garden' staged across Sunderland city centre. SHINE brings together an array of visual artworks and light installations across the Sunderland between 23 - 31 January 2010.

Image: Giuseppe Davies: from 'Vie', 2009