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Peter Liversidge: 'What You'd Expect'

Exhibition dates: 3 December - 29 January 2005
Preview: Thursday 2 December 6:00 - 8:00pm

Peter Liversidge's paintings, sculptures, installations and public projects explore his two twin obsessions: the myth of the American West, and the glamour and desirability of luxury goods. Liversidge recreates globally famous logotypes and corporate insignia, in order to recreate them in his own unique idiom. His charming, almost childlike clumsiness undermines their slick perfection. As the artist notes, "I really am trying... but I just can't paint these products the way the manufacturers would like to see them." Similarly, the minor miracles of modern technology and tools of the well-heeled international traveller, such as video-cameras and American Express cards become remade in Liversidge's hands. Becoming functionless, clunkily constructed life-size sculptures, the artist inverts their associations of glamour, quality and social status to create comedy and bathos.

For 'What You'd Expect', Liversidge will also recreate a stretch of the North Montana Plains in the gallery - incorporating literally thousands of cardboard boulders and stones, wooden animal carcasses, and real taxidermied buzzards flying overhead. His series of paintings about Montana's sublime wilderness similarly puncture the heroic myths attached to the grandeur of 'untouched' landscapes. Giant vultures and herds of stampeding buffalo become tiny, indistinguishable specks of paint, lost in an endless savannah overseen by gigantic skies.

A touring project initiated by Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art and supported by Arts Council England. Accompanied by a 112 page catalogue. Each venue showcases a new commission:

  • Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland:
    3 December 2004 - 29 January 2005
  • Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury:
    7 April - 14 May 2005
  • The Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool:
    4 June - 16 July 2005
  • Ikon, Birmingham: off-site projects during August 2005. A series of events in Birmingham city centre.

The artist is represented by Paul Stolper, London, where he will be showing between 17 November - 21 December 2004.

'What You'd Expect', installation shot, 2004
Photographic credit: Dean Turnbull

Peter Liversidge, 'Olympus 0M707', 2001

'What You'd Expect', installation shot, 2004
Photographic credit: Dean Turnbull

Peter Liversidge, 'Cartier, Paris', 2002

Peter Liversidge, 'The Dancing Horse', 2003