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'The Truth Society.'

19 Nov - 15 Jan 2005

New work by: Armando Andrade Tudela, Mauricio Guillen, Idris Kahn, Susanne Kohler. Curated by Mustafa Hulusi, as the result of a curatorial residency initiated with photoNORTH.

'The Truth Society' brings together four bodies of work by artists who use photography to rethink their place in the world and their progress across it. Respectively born in Peru, Mexico, the UK and Germany, the artists create tightly constructed, poetic images about the state of the wider world and how our experience of it has become transformed by international travel, migration, and artists' ability to live almost nomadically, working between cities across the globe. The four artists are united by a playful, yet analytical approach to addressing our larger political realities, and the global order we all inhabit - whether wittingly or otherwise.


Born in Peru and based in Maastricht, Armando Andrade Tudela works around the world. He shows three architectural photographs taken from St Etienne to Peru. Two reveals modern spiral staircases. A third pictures an Inca ruin several thousand years old, which strangely resembles the new structures. Andrade Tudela asks, "can a mark of the past recast itself into contemporary life? Could a ruin become practical?"

Armando Adrade Tudela, 'Untitled', 2004
courtesy Counter gallery, London
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Mexican-born, London-based artist Mauricio Guillen presents two works made with the lightest of touches. One photograph presents what appears to be two men playing with a ball of string in a dense, overgrown forest. On closer examination, they are revealed to be demarcating property rights, dividing the natural world into chartered, geometrical patches of land. Meanwhile, the burgeoning natural world seems to obliterate their work.  
Mauricio Guillen, 'Space Cut', 2004
courtesy f a projects
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Idris Khan presents two works from his most recent series of photographs, which overlays every photograph from Bernd and Hilla Becher's 'Gas Towers' series over each other. Kahn collapses the Bechers' system of ordering and classifying data into a visual chaos; his images become an impenetrable and dense mesh of imagery.

Idris Kahn, 'Spiral Gasholders', 2004
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London and Berlin-based artist Susanne Kohler recreates early photographic processes including photograph. Her 'ad hoc' photographic experiments transform mundane arrangements of household objects in dramatic tableaux, where she appears to be on a journey through fantastic landscapes. Exposing images on paper using a bicycle dynamo lamp and reflections from an ornate mirror, Kohler's evanescent self-portraits are evocative of half-submerged memories.

Suzanne Kohler, 'Untitled', 2004
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The exhibition has been curated by Mustafa Hulusi, an artist and curator based in London. Hulusi has recently curated 'Expander' at Burlington House, and 'The Progressive Development Plan' at 55a Wadeson Street, Bethnal Green. The project is the result of a curatorial residency initiated by photoNORTH with Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art. Supported by Arts Council North East and the European Regional Development Fund.