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Ergin Cavusoglu 'Point of Departure'

Exhibition dates: 17 February - 13 April 2006

Ergin Çavuşoğlu's video installations are meditations upon the shifting tectonic plates of the global geopolitical order.

Raised in Bulgaria as part of the Turkish minority and now based in London, he often draws on his personal experience of migration to explore how we are all implicated in wider social shifts.

The centrepiece of the exhibition is a newly commissioned sixscreen installation filmed in both Stansted Airport and Trabzon Airport, Turkey. It contrasts the experience of transit and travel through the perspective of two characters. Exploring the distinctions between work, travel, study and other migrant activities, Çavuşoğlu questions the asymmetrical transitions we undertake when moving between countries.

The installation focuses on what Çavuşoğlu calls "the end points of the European idea" by contrasting two airports on the fringes of the Atlantic and the former Soviet bloc. Weaving together footage from both, he allows us to look again at the apparently 'everyday' act of crossing frontier points: these 'non-places' become strange, beautiful and unsettling.

Çavuşoğlu's recent works examine the contingent borders between 'old' and 'new' Europe. In each work, his focus is how new forms of mobility allow emerging ideas to be exchanged not only between east and west, but to cut across divisions. 'Downward Straits', 2004, first shown in Becks Futures 2004, observes the rhythmic passage of ships through the Bosphorus at night, ghosting along rather than across the perceived border between east and west. 'Tahtakale', 2004, shown at British Art Show 6, captures the transactions of a currency market housed in a baroque edifice in Istanbul. Here the modern exists within the archaic, and exchange rates against the dollar are acted out in public and at a local level.

The artist's recent exhibitions include representing Turkey at the Venice Biennale 2003, 8th Istanbul Biennial 2003, 3rd Berlin Biennale 2004, Becks Futures 2004 and British Art Show 6, as well as solo shows at Haunch of Venison and Dundee Contemporary Arts.

'Point of Departure' is co-commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella and Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art. Supported by Arts Council England and The Henry Moore Foundation with thanks to Haunch of Venison

The artist is represented by Haunch of Venison, London.


Production stills from 'Point of Departure', 2006
Images copyright the artist, courtesy Film and Video Umbrella and Haunch of Venison