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Stepanka Stein and Salim Issa: ‘Ordinary Living’

Exhibition dates: 17 November 2006  - 13 January 2007 

In 2005 Czech photographers Stein and Issa spent a month-long residency in the North-East, taking the opportunity to observe people at leisure, and their means to escape from 'ordinary life'. Stein and Issa's large-format photographs reveal a day at the beach, a party on a public holiday, and even a day at the races to be situations pregnant with drama, poignancy, and even menace. Shot outdoors in low light, the sitters appear to inhabit an unearthly aura, though often of vulnerability rather than of invincibility. Here, the public gaze and opportunities for sociability appear to isolate individuals as much as offer easy relaxation or entertainment. The commission was organised by the IPRN (International Photography Research Network) and hosted by Locus+, as part of the EU Culture 2000 funded 'Changing Faces' Project.

From 'Ordinary Living' 2005