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Barrie West: 'Between Tides'

Part I: 'Origins' 19 January 2007 - 17 February 2007
Part II: 'Between Tides' 19 February - 17 March 2007
Special Preview: Thursday 22 February 6:00 - 8:00pm
Barrie West's two new series of prints, exhibited under the collective title 'Between Tides', extend the language of abstraction into new territory. Each of West's intricately composed works is created over a period of months, where dozens of semi-transparent, translucent and opaque layers of ink create a play of concealment and revelation. Combining geometric and more gestural, painterly elements, West draws in part upon the tradition of twentieth century painting linking Vuillard and Bonnard to Howard Hodgkin. Like these artists, West's works are driven by the desire to conjure a very particular atmosphere, and more importantly to create an abstract equivalent for his own individual memories. In turn, he provides the means for us to weave our own narratives from evocative forms which can unlock our own submerged memories. West's means, like his predecessors, are those of modern picture-making: offsetting spatial complexity and depth against an apparent flat plane of surface texture; combining compositional density and intricacy with simple geometric motifs; and contrasting sonorous and subtle colour harmonies against vivid primary hues.
Thanks to: Steve McNulty, Peter Davies, John Badsey

'Event September 1953  - July 1955
Fear of Flying', 2006. Silkscreen and mixed media, 76.5 x 122.4cm.