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Realms of the Empire

Exhibition dates: 1 - 24 November 2007
Preview: Wednesday 31 October 6:00 - 7:30pm

A photographic essay by Lindsay Duncanson alongside images produced by community groups including the Empire Centenary Photographic Group, The Bridge Project and pupils from Southmoor School.

The photographs featured in this exhibition were produced as part of the Sunderland Empire Theatre Centenary community art project. The images and creative writing produced during this project can be seen in a larger permanent exhibition at the Sunderland Empire Theatre. 

All the images have also contributed to the artist's brief for the Sunderland Empire Theatre's Fly Tower public art project, which will be realised in 2008. A selection of the artists' initial proposals will also be on display as part of this exhibition, and visitors to the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art Project Space will be encouraged to share their views about these designs.

Lindsay Duncanson, form Reals of the Empire, 2007