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Primary School workshops

March - April 07

During the Daniel Silver 'Demos' exhibition, NGCA ran a series of workshops for Primary School classes.  This began with a networking event for teachers as part of the Connect membership scheme, managed by The Forge.  Teachers from Plains Farm, Shiney Row, St Cuthberts, Biddick, St Mary's and Redby Primary Schools attended and took part in a workshop with artist Louise Bradley. 

Following the networking day, pupils from Redby Primary and  St Cuthbert's Primary visited the gallery for half a day.  They had a look around the gallery to discuss and sketch the sculptures, in particular looking at the different emotions portrayed on the faces of the busts.  The pupils then drew faces using rubbers to 'carve' into charcoal and then created their own clay heads.  The heads portrayed a variety of emotions and once completed the pupils made plinths from cardboard boxes and covered them in colourful paper.

"A really excellent workshop.  The children had a wonderful experience and I learnt much I can use in future in school." 
Mrs Cummings, St Cuthbert's Primary School.

 head and hands
Pupil making clay heads with Louise
Bradley during a workshop at NGCA