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Space for One

November 2007 - January 2008

These photographs are from a sculpture project with a group of Year 6 pupils.  The pupils visited the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art to see the design exhibition 'Decompression Chamber'.  They had the opportunity to climb, sit and lie in some of the work in the exhibition, including Max Lamb's 'Sitting Caves' which were made from carved blocks of polysterene and Hill Jephson Robb's 'Beyond'. 

The pupils visited the gallery and looked at a series of shelters, which had been designed by artists.  They took part in a workshop with visual artist Emma Sheridan and discussed what they liked about the work and the experience of being inside the structures.  The children then worked in groups to draw designs for their own spaces for one, and continued this work back at school.  Each group constructed their design using willow and tissue. The resulting structures were wild and wonderful and showed the children's vivid imaginations.

Many thanks to the pupils and teachers for their involvement in this project.


Yr 6 pupils demonstrating the structures
they designed and made.