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Fragile Democracy Education Projects

School visits to Fragile Democracy Exhibition
May - June 08

Several Sundeland Schools visited the 'Fragile Democracy' exhibition and were particularly interested in the work by Immo Klink and George Osodi. 

Pupils from Houghton Kepier school were shocked and inspired by the photographs of the Niger Delta by George Osodi.  Their teacher stated that the visit was the first time to a gallery space for many of the pupils and that they were enthralled by the work.  She added that, "some of their responses - verbal and written were far beyond those that would have been garnered in a classroom situation."

A group of year 7 pupils from Farringdon Community School also spent the day at the NGCA.  After looking at the exhibition they discussed the work and made drawings based on the Eco-Houses in Immo Klink's photographs.  In the afternoon they used a variety of natural and recycled materials to construct models for Eco-Houses.  These were taken back to school to continue and build on the work undertaken at the gallery.  


Year 7 pupils sketching from Immo Klink's
'Eurotopia' photographs.

Pupils constructing their own designs
for Eco-Houses.