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After 18 months creating a brand new space for art and artists in Sunderland, Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art has reopened in a generous 3000 square foot space inside National Glass Centre. The exhibition programme will have an initial focus on artists whose work is being created across Europe, whether made in the Alps or amongst Rome's fascist architecture, or from the most advanced laboratories in Italy to the eastern most city in the continent deep inside the former Soviet Union. The gallery's opening programme also celebrates the achievements of artists living and working in North-East England, who share new visions of how we live now. In each of its exhibitions in 2018, an artist will reveal a brand new body of work for the first time.

We have a new website!

Please visit our new site for information on our programme since relocating to National Glass Centre in March 2018.



In 2019, Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art will be 50 years old, being the direct descendent of 'Bookshop Gallery' founded in 1969 and its successor Ceolfrith Arts Centre, later Northern Centre for Contemporary Art. Despite the changes in location and name, the gallery's commitment to innovative, experimental art has been a constant.

During its fifty years it has given UK premieres to artists from Sean Scully to Claes Oldenberg and Coosje van Bruggen, from Sam Taylor-Wood to Spartacus Chetwynd, and given the first UK shows to Cory Arcangel and Harun Farocki, several years before other galleries gave their achievements due recognition.

It is only in its current incarnation that the gallery has been able to acquire works from artists, in order to tell stories about the history of contemporary art, as well as to create 'news'. The exceptional generosity of artists we have worked with over the period has begun a collection of contemporary art for the city of Sunderland that now includes over a hundred works.

The gallery is also working closely with National Glass Centre to ensure that artists interested in working with glass are able to realise ambitious art in new ways, working with world leading makers based in the University of Sunderland.

Marjolaine Ryley, Wheatfield, from the series 'Growing Up in the New Age' (2009-13)

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We are proud to work in partnership with National Glass Centre