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James Rigler: 'Workshop Scenery.'

Exhibition dates: 13 September - 8 November 2008
Preview: Thursday 2 October, 6:00 - 8:00pm

"Ordinary things are amazing: familiar to the point of invisibility, yet charged with significance. We form intimate relationships with everyday things through touch, and every object has its own story, or even a history. Everyday things are as intriguing as 'important' objects." James Rigler
James Rigler has transformed the Project Space into a space which is half-studio workplace, half-magical stage. Delicate, hand-crafted objects sit alongside and are even combined with ordinary, pre-fabricated ones. Some things appear 'in progress' whilst others are beautifully finished. Some works also resemble branches, fruits, a forest and other 'natural' objects - to create what he calls a 'scenic' composition.

For Rigler, the function of 'sculpture' is to talk about all our relationship to the world of objects around us - to ask how we classify them and behave towards them. Rigler's works function in part through their resemblances to other objects. They recall whole 'families' of objects more than particular things; these range from dishes to picture frames and vessels. Each also points us in at least two contrary directions. Do we see the forms of children's toys, or the design of motorways and drainage systems? Do his colours and textures recall exotic fruits, or cheap confectionary and plastics? The multiple associations he conjures are always from 'incompatible' categories of objects - so that one object links the industrial to the domestic, the man-made to the natural, the human scaled and the building-sized.

'Workshop Scenery' is part of this year's Design Event, the North East's annual design festival, taking place from 9-26 October 2008. Now in its fourth year, Design Event 08 includes exhibitions covering graphics, illustration, fashion, architecture and product design at a host of venues across the region.

Image: James Rigler, Basin, 2006