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Exhibition dates: 4 May - 26 June 2010
Preview: Thursday 20 May 6:00 - 8:00pm

Littlewhitehead are Glasgow-based artists Craig Little and Blake Whitehead. Littlewhitehead's sculptures and installations are hyper-real places that are equally ominous and comic. Each work is a black comedy that elicits feelings of alarm or discomfort, where images that we expect to see in the mass media or in films are brought unflinchingly into our physical world.

Here, Littlewhitehead present a brand new work 'Universal Sidereal': a completely burnt-out room, in which fire has ravaged every, leaving only the traces of a life. We can only view the room through a window, as though peering into a vignette from someone's else's life, now brought to ruins. It is as if we are encountering an image from the mass media that has come to life. In Littlewhitehead's world, the rules of fiction and fact become blurred.

The artists describe their projects as attacks on the comfort of received ideas: "we want to beat you up - visually". Their works are an assault on the senses, and an ethical challenge. Many of their works recall scenes that are part of our shared image bank: traumatic sights that are so routinely represented in the media, in cinema or on TV that they scarcely trouble us. Littlewhitehead makes us sharply aware of the effects of the media on our capacity to treat each other as equals. They dramatise the fact that, as Barack Obama argues, when reality is "played out on television... [and] sensationalized by the media" we collectively develop an "empathy deficit... an inability to recognize ourselves in one another".


Image: Littlewhitehead 'Universal Sidereal', 2010