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Exhibition dates: 24 March - 18June 2011
Preview: Wednesday 23 March
Reg Vardy Gallery     5:30 - 7:00 pm
Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art   6:00 - 8:00 pm

'Movements' is a survey of contemporary artists' film and video presented across galleries in Sunderland, including works by Jane and Louise Wilson, Graham Gussin, Ming Wong, Ben Jeans Houghton, Aurelien Froment and Mark Lewis at Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art and Paul Rooney's 'Thin Air' at Reg Vardy Gallery.

'Movements' brings together a series of artist film and video works by some of the most progressive artists working in this medium today, revealing some of their dominant concerns from the last ten years. Turning Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art's Project Space into a screening room, 'Movements' will present five artists' films, previously unseen within the region, including the premieres of a new work by artist Ben Jeans Houghton and a printed work by Graham Gussin. Each work will be shown on a continuous loop for fourteen days, over the ten-week period.

'Movements' will also present Northern Art Prize winner Paul Rooney's 'Thin Air' as a site-specific exhibition at the Reg Vardy Gallery, University of Sunderland. Rooney's work is presented as a scheduled 'lecture film', with supporting text and new photographic work, and considers the purportedly cosmic significance of the events and memories that are embedded within a building's physical space - indeed in the strange, potent atmosphere of an art school.

'Movements' is curated by CIRCA Contemporary Art Projects.

CIRCA is a non-profit arts organisation based in North-East England, presenting and working with artists, both established and in a formative stage of their career, to produce exhibitions, screenings, talks and commissions, founded by Sam Watson and Adam Phillips.

Works at Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art include; Jane and Louise Wilson: Songs for My Mother, Graham Gussin Text Piece, Ben Jeans Houghton: TSU, Ming Wong: Whodunnit?, Aurelien Froment: Pulmo Marina, Mark Lewis: Cinema Museum
Work at Reg Vardy Gallery: Paul Rooney: Thin Air

Image: Ming Wong, 'Whodunnit?' 2003/04, image courtesy the artist.

Image: Ming Wong, 'Whodunnit?' 2003/04, image courtesy the artist.