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NGCA Presents...

Thursday 18 May, 6 - 9pm

Holmeside Coffee, 27/28 Holmeside, Sunderland

Are you an artist, designer, photographer or writer with something to say? Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art is pleased to announce the next NGCA Presents... at Holmeside Coffee in Sunderland.

Taking the form of an open mic night, we're inviting people to come and talk on whatever subject they please for up to 10 minutes. Want to read some poetry? Present your paintings? Talk about your research? The event is free and open to all. If you would like to take part please email Kathryn Brame at with a short synopsis of your chosen subject. Slots will fill up fast so get in touch quickly to ensure a place.

Presentations will run from 6pm onwards with time for drinks and networking after. A pay bar will be available.

NGCA Reading Group

The date for the next Reading Group will be announced shortly.

The NGCA Reading Group meets informally once a month at Pop Recs Ltd, Sunderland to discuss a range of texts selected by either our exhibiting artists or members of the reading group.

Everybody is welcome to the reading group and the event is free. Pop Recs has a small bar for tea, coffee and cake.

Previous NGCA Reading Group Texts:

October 2016: 'Moral Panics and the British Media - A Look at Some Contemporary 'Folk Devils'' (2011), by Ian Marsh and Gaynor Melville - chosen by Reading Group member Lesley Cooperwaite.

August 2016: We Refugees by Hannah Arendt (1943). This text was chosen to initiate discussion around the current migration crisis affecting Europe.

July 2016: 'Patriotism and its Futures' - a chapter from Arjun Appadurai's book 'Modernity at Large' (1996). This text was chosen in light of the EU Referendum and aimed to open up a place for conversation for us to try and make sense of the situation.

April 2016: 'Introduction by Hannah Arendt to Walter Benjamin's 'Illuminations'' ('The Pearl Diver' p.38-51.) Chosen by Lorna Macintyre in response to her work in Ur Phenomenon. Question: "Can a work entirely created by 'tearing fragments out of their context and arranging them afresh', ever be entirely autonomous?" 

March 2016: Eric Bainbridge Playlist - playlist selected by Eric Bainbridge in response to his work in Potholes.

The Fall, 'Eat Y'Self Fitter'

Van Der Graaf Generator 'Darkness'

The Smiths 'Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now'

Elvis Presley 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' (Live)

Black Sabbath 'Paranoid'

Laura Cantrell 'Queen of the Coast'

Captain Beefheart 'Dropout Boogie'

Moukdavanyh Santiphone 'Siengkan tanjai'

January 2016:  Bright Phoenix by Ray Bradbury - selected by Adam Phillips of Foundation Press in response to CIRCA Projects' BOOKSHOP.

December 2015: Lost for Words p.1-2 p.3 - selected by Jennifer Douglas in response to her work in Crab Walk

October 2015: The World of Wrestling from Roland Barthes 1957 book Mythologies - selected by Simon Senn in response to his exhibition Fawcett Street.

September 2015: Iain Sinclair's - Lights Out for the Territory (an excerpt) - selected by Jeffrey Dennis in response to his exhibition Ringbinder.

August 2015: Boris Groy's Comrades of Time - selected by Mat Jenner in response to his exhibition DAYS.

NGCA Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is part of our on-going events programme and is a chance to join the NGCA curators and staff for a discussion about the ideas around our current exhibitions, often focusing on a particular work in the show to initiate the conversation. 

Also, as it's Breakfast Club, we provide free coffee and pastries! 

The date for the next Breakfast Club will be announced soon.