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Preview: Wednesday 14 August 6:00 to 8:00pm

"The desire to read a work of art is the annihilation of the possibility of experiencing that work of art."
— Carl Andre

We say: Whatever, Carl...perhaps you should learn to read differently.

CIRCA Projects invite information as material (iam) in response to the history and context of the NGCA - situated above Sunderland City Library within a municipal building, it was founded in the 1960s as part of
Coelfrith Gallery and Press. Coelfrith worked with artists such as Robin Crozier and Henri Chopin to present the printed word as their chosen medium.

This exhibition has been commissioned and curated by CIRCA Projects as part of their 'Presents' series. On show are poetic artworks by Kate Briggs (France), Craig Dworkin (USA), Gareth Long (USA), Simon Morris (UK), Lucia della Paolera (USA), Nick Thurston (UK) and Eric Zboya (Canada) that have, or will be, published by the York based independent (self) publishing imprint information as material.

Also, related artworks by Kenneth Goldsmith (USA), Garry Neill Kennedy (Canada), Greville Worthington (UK) and an online only collaboration between Thurston and Robert Fitterman (USA) at

On three fronts — in the gallery, with the invitation card, and online — 'LEARN TO READ DIFFERENTLY' proposes a method of making art via 'conceptualist reading performances.' This method grafts the aesthetic legacy of conceptual art to various notions of writing (from literary composition to data management) in order to produce materially-specific poems as artworks that have in some way re-read a found object.

This is an art of reading things differently. It starts from a premise proved by the impossibility of making purely conceptual art: that art is always aesthetical and conceptual. To that it couples an obsession with language as both material signifier and social activity. In doing so, it establishes a mode of making art that asks: what could we write if reading could be a materially productive act of making art? How might 'reading as making' problematise the understandings of authorship, production and reproduction ensconced in our cultural industries? All of these artworks celebrate reading differently as a praxis of exploring the elsewhere of what languages and their users can mean and do.

Curated by CIRCA Projects and produced with information as material and Greville Worthington.