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Exhibition Policy

NGCA exhibitions are initiated and organised in response to a number of factors:

NGCA exhibitions aim to maximise the gallery's physical resources, including its' generous 50x100-foot Main Gallery space and 50x25-foot Project Space. Exhibitions are also generated with regard to the gallery's ability to deliver ambitious, adventurous and varied projects with finite levels of resources and its' small core team.

Projects are organised in relation to the gallery's location within a mixed-use, local authority building, the City Library and Arts Centre, and with both existing and potential audiences in mind.

NGCA aims to provide significant opportunities which further artists' careers at crucial points in their creative development. The gallery works with both emerging artists and more established practitioners. Ordinarily projects are initiated 12-24 months in advance. The gallery will, wherever possible and desirable, to show primarily new or recent work by artists. Our aim is to have as high a proportion as possible of works premiered at or commissioned by the gallery wherever appropriate.

NGCA's projects often draw upon emerging ideas and developments in recent art production, to reflect the diversity of contemporary artistic practice, at the levels of media, approach and subject matter.

Ordinarily there will be five - six exhibitions in the Main Gallery and Project Space each year. We currently work with between 10-30 artists across a year depending on the scale and complexity of projects.