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Ant Macari: work in progress

Exhibition dates: 25 June - 27 August 2005
Preview: Thursday 7 July 6:00 - 8:00pm
In Ant Macari's recent work, romanticism and rationalism collide. Here, he presents the 'Hydro Kinetic Creative Imaging System' (HICKS) - a machine designed to partake in an artistic dialogue with nature. HICKS is an extraordinary mechanical invention which harnesses the environment to create works of art. A machine powered by waves, which when placed into water utilises a mechanical arm to create its own original abstract paintings. The exhibition also includes a series of fantastical and playful technical drawings and videos.  The exhibition coincides with the 2005 Alive International Festivals of Rivers and the Sea around the North East region.   web-Ant-Macari-Project-Space.jpg
Ant Macari, 'H.I.C.K.S', 2003