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Natalie Gale:‘The Red Wing’

Exhibition dates: 18 November 2005 - 7 January 2006  

Natalie Gale's new installation 'The Red Wing' incorporates both paintings and sculptures based around the body and the contradictions of desire. Gale's abstract oils create hypnotic patterns recalling the interior of the human body more than its external form.

Coated with wax or varnish, the surfaces of her paintings are alluring and tactile, and their colours richly seductive. Gale also presents several sculptures combining artistic and surgical tools and materials within Victorian jewellery boxes, museum display cabinets and industrial machinery. In 'The Red Wing' the project space becomes as a 'cabinet of curiosity', where each object is akin to a relic or treasure presented for our delectation. Above: Natalie Gale,'The Storyof Z', (detail), mahogany, brass, satin, varnish, 2004

'The Storyof Z', (detail) 2004. Mahogany, brass, satin, varnish.

'The Storyof Z', Number 2, 2004. Canvas, oil paint, wax.