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Tom Rowan and Kim Graham: 'Within and Without'

Exhibion dates: 7 July - 2 September 2006
Tom Rowan and Kim Graham create abstracted images from our immediate environments, respectively adapting the genres of landscape and interior studies.
Rowan's drawings continue the tradition of English romantic landscape painting exemplified by the mid-century artist Graham Sutherland. Like Sutherland, Rowan adapts his starting points of trees and woodlands into surrealistic forms. It often appears that the vegetal world has become animate: tree stumps twist into spiky configurations, seeming to be mutating from vegetable to animal form. By contrast, Graham's delicate prints evoke the textures of domestic spaces, by amplifying and repeating the tiny details of interiors which ordinarily go unnoticed until they become magical or mysterious.

Tom Rowan, Untitled, 2005

Kim Graham, Untitled, 2005