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Visitor Feedback

What You Thought:

We welcome useful comments. Your feedback contributes to improving the service we provide and to shaping the forthcoming programme by establishing which types of exhibitions elicit the greatest public engagement. The overall tone of the written comments recieved during main gallery exhibibitions has been:

'Fragile Democracy'

92% Positive

'A Modest Proposal'84% Positive
'A Gift...'79% Positive
Alice Hawkins: 'The Female Gaze'      92% Positive
Invisible Adversaries74% positive
RANK: picturing the social order 1516 - 200983% positive
Fool54.40% positive
Think Tank75 % positive
Semiconductor: Heliocentric83% positive
Chad McCail: Systemic79% positive

Written comments can be left on the comments board at Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art or you can send your comments by email to