Texas Hold ’em – How to Start with the Game!

The Hold ’em game is one of the popular variations of casino games that inspires you to learn it due to its simplicity. However, it is not simple to master since it is a game of combinations of cards. These combinations can be so many, which makes this game a complex deal.

Here we would understand the basics of the game and how the batting rounds go on.

The Basics of the Game

The players are given two down cards with the community cards. You need to make the best five-card combination using all available cards.

Each player is given two down cards or cards that face down. During the batting rounds, five more cards that come facing up are called the community cards.

Each player can use these community cards with their hole cards or down cards to make the five-card combination.

These five community cards are found in three different stages, namely: Flop, Turn, and River.

The Flop part indicates three community cards. The fourth card is released in the Turn part, and the fifth and last card is revealed in the River part.

This way, a player has a total of seven cards: five community cards and two hole cards. The mission is to construct five-card hands using the best five cards out of seven.

The combinations can be many such as using two hole cards and three combination cards, using one hole card and four community cards, or using only community cards.

Rounds of Betting

The opening happens with each player having two cards face down, known as hole cards.

The first round starts with the player to the left. The dealer burns a card and presents the three community cards. The first three cards are called Flop, and all the community cards are called Board.

The second round starts with the player to the left of the dealer button. A player can check or bet; after that, he can raise, call, or fold.

The dealer then burns another card in the Turn part, where the fourth card adds up in the community cards.

In the third round, the format remains the same as the second round; only the amount of bets increase.

Then comes the River part, in which the fifth card is added to the Community cards.

The Final round also remains the same as the second and third round. In the last, Showdown happens in which the remaining players show their combinations. The combination which contains the highest five-card hand wins.

In case there is a tie, the pot is evenly distributed between the two players.

Divine Fortune Slot by NetEnt

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Divine Fortune Symbols

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Divine Fortune Bonus Features

Divine Fortune has 4 Bonus Features, the Falling Wilds Respins Feature, Wild on Wild Feature, Free Spins and the Jackpot game with two fixed Jackpots and a Progressive Jackpot. The Falling Wilds Respin feature applies in both the base game and Free Spins feature, and more Wild symbols will give players resins until all the Wilds disappear from the reels.

The Wild on Wild Feature is also available in the base game and during the Free Spins feature. This feature gets triggered when a Wild overlay lands on top of a Wild. Then you have the Free Spins feature when three or more Scatters land on the reels in the base game or Falling Wild Respin feature, and players get up to 12 Free Spins.

Finally, the Jackpot Bonus Feature gets triggered by landing three or more Bonus symbols (the gold coin) during the base game. Each Bonus symbol can give you a win of between 10-200x your stake. It’s the Mega Progressive Jackpot you want, so keep spinning, and maybe you will walk away with a Divine Fortune.

Get To Know the Backgammon!

Most of the gambling games in the casino can be won only with the help of our luck. But backgammon is one of the classical games in the casino that needs some amount of skills and tricks to win. The minute when they know that it requires skills, all the players conclude it as a tedious and difficult game, which is not true.

Backgammon is a fun checkers game where players move their checkers based on the dice rolls. 

Let us have a quick look into the gameplay of this game.

Types of equipment needed


Backgammon is played with a board that consists of four quadrants, and each quadrant consists of 6 triangular-shaped spaces. The triangles are designed in alternate colors on which the checker chips are placed.


Each player is provided with 15 checker chips (round chips) of two different colors. Mostly, player one is provided with 15 black-colored chips, and player two is given 15 white-colored chips.


Each player will have two-two dice in a holder, which has to be rolled on the right side of the board. If the dice is rolled outside or on the other side of the board, the player must roll the dice again.


  • Both the players are supposed to place their chips on their first quadrants. Player one can move the chips only in an anti-clockwise direction, and player two moves his chips in the clockwise direction (coin moves in a horseshoe shape path).

  • Both the player should roll one dice at the same time and the player rolling with a higher number gets to move their checker first. Then the players start to take an alternative turn by rolling two dice.

  • If both the players are rolling the same number on the first round, they will have to roll the dice once again.

  • In the next round, if player one is rolling two dice (2, 4), he can either move the same chip or two different chips on the board. If the player rolls both the dice with the same number, the player gets to move double the time.

  • While moving the checkers, the player cannot place the checkers on the triangles occupied by the opponent.

  • If he got no other moves, he should place the chip on the middle of the board, and he can play forward only after reviving the center chip by rolling the correct number on the dice.

Winning Move

After moving from one end to the other, the players reach their home board (the right quadrant of each player). After reaching here, the player will have to move their chips off the board. The first person to get all their chips outside the board wins.

Hence, it can be said that this is a game of half luck and half skills!


Hall of Gods brings the gang together in this Norse God themed slot by NetEnt. Join Loki, Thor, Odin and Idun in this heavy-hitting, low to medium volatility, record-breaking pooled jackpot slot with an RTP of 95.30%. Players come face to face with Norse mythology in this 5 reels, 20 paylines slot with Expanding Wilds, a Bonus Game featuring Thors Hammer, Free Spins and three jackpots or a variable coin amount. Destiny awaits you in the Hall of Gods with wins of 4314x a stake per Free Spin.

Hall of Gods Symbols

The low-value symbols in this Jackpot slot released in 2010 include a chest filled with apples, axes, hammers, axes and rings. Of course, Loki, Idun, Freya and Odin appear on the reels, and Odin is the highest value God and pays 0.5, 2.5, 7.5 or 200x your total stake. The Midgard Serpent is the Wild symbol, and it appears in the middle three reels.

Hall of Gods Bonus Features

Hall of Gods has three Bonus Features. There is the Expanding Wild Feature. When the Wild lands, it triggers the Expanding Wild Feature. It then expands to reward you with a fully Wild Reel. The Free Spins feature gets activated by obtaining three or more Odin’s Raven symbols. The more Scatters landed, the more Free Spins get rewarded. In this feature, players get up to 20 Free Spins, and they come with a 3x Multiplier.

The third Bonus Feature is the Pick Win Feature and the most appealing of the three. Land three Thor Hammer symbols anywhere on the reels, and you can win 1 of 3 Progressive Jackpots.

Final Thoughts

Hall of Gods is playable on mobile and tablet devices, and it’s undoubtedly a slot worth playing. Since its release in 2010, it has paid out over €90 million in Jackpots. The biggest mobile win to date was in April 2018 where one lucky player walked away with €6,719 561.71. Enter the Hall of Gods, and you may be the next lucky winner.